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Youth Ministries

Welcome to Revolution Youth!


We strive to provide our youth with awesome ways to connect to our world the way Christ has asked to do. We want to be the hands and feet of CHRIST! We do this by serving others in service, fellowship and charity. If you are looking to meet new friends and be connected Christ come join us!


Youth Ministries strives to provide opportunities for Christian education, discipleship, fellowship, worship, ministry and mission. Youth Ministry is a vital part of the overall church ministry.

It is the desire of the Youth Ministries leaders to see the youth become true disciples of Christ, so that they may serve and love God wholeheartedly.  All youth programs and activities are designed with this goal in mind.


This youth ministry desires to integrate our youth into the life of the church body, to prepare them to become leaders now and tomorrow in the church, and to equip the young saints for the work of service.


WE do many exciting things! Join in the fun and help us serve those in need!


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