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Our ChurcH Home

Morrisville United Methodist Church

501 West Maple Avenue

Morrisville, PA 19067



Tel: 215-295-9593

About MUMC


The congregation of the Morrisville United Methodist Church is intentional about its mission to Seek, Serve and Share Jesus Christ.


In pursuit of this mission the church strives to honor and faithfully serve God through its:

            Mission (Evangelism)


The MUMC traces its roots back to 1772 and has been at its present location since 1963.


The congregation recognizes differences as well as similarities and offers both traditional and contemporary forms of worship.


Fellowship takes many forms in the life of the MUMC. “Family “ and “Community” are the operative words.


Growth and practice in  “being a Christian” are at the core of the various Bible study and Christian Education programs intended to help the congregation become better disciples of Jesus Christ.


The congregation is very supportive of its many “Outreach” programs as it seeks to minister to those outside of the church: from the food closet, to the Christmas Shoe Box ministry and the like, to providing a home for various 12-step programs, to hands-on help of disaster victims, to financial support of the UMC connectional ministries and so on.


The congregation has directly, and indirectly through the umc connectional ministries, contributed to the support of missionaries around the world and the education of many ministers and missionaries. The congregation also endeavors to Share Jesus Christ  through its open invitation to people in the local community to join in its worship, fellowship and discipleship activities and through its ministry to others in the local community.

MUMC History


The roots of the Morrisville United Methodist Church extend back to 1771 when a Methodist lay preacher, Captain Webb of the British Army, preached in both Trenton and Bristol on his way from New York City to Philadelphia. He crossed the Delaware River via the Morrisville Ferry and visited briefly with the people living here. Then in 1772 Francis Asbury, who later would become the first Bishop of American Methodism, made an extended visit to Trenton and preached in Morrisville on three different days. Following is an account of the nurture and growth of that tree, The Morrisville United Methodist.

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